Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anticipation and Design

In the latest Design Studies:

Towards an Anticipatory View of Design
Theodore Zamenopoulos and Katerina Alexiou


Anticipation indicates the capacity to act in preparation for a certain effect or future state of the world. Although the link between anticipation and previous termdesignnext term has not received particular attention in previous termdesignnext term research, it is a fundamental one. In the paper we review the concept of anticipation and discuss its meaning for previous termdesignnext term research. We further argue that in order to develop an previous termanticipatory view of designnext term it is necessary to move beyond long-established paradigms and abstractions such as those of machine, evolution and control. Based on a conceptual and methodological framework proposed by Robert Rosen we elaborate such an previous termanticipatory viewnext term that establishes the uniqueness of previous termdesignnext term compared to these paradigms.

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